Recidivism is summarized as criminal acts that result in rearrest, reconviction or return to prison with or without a new sentence following the prisoner’s release. The National Institute of Justice states that, “Recidivism is one of the most fundamental concepts in criminal justice. It refers to a person’s relapse into criminal behavior.”   

Recidivism is a growing problem in the American criminal justice system based on the performance statistics of jails and prisons. Because the United States has the highest incarceration rates on earth, reducing recidivism is imperative to the progress of our society. This growing concern is why VendEngine has launched numerous efforts to reduce recidivism. It matters to the Nation. It matters to the facility. It matters to the individual.  

VendEngine’s goal is to supply and empower our partner facilities with the tools to equip incarcerated individuals for re-entry success. There are 3 ways that VendEngine works with facilitates and incarcerated individuals to end Recidivism before it begins.   


Through VendEngine’s state-of-the-art kiosks and cloud-based tablet technology, we offer inmates accessible education platforms through our Learning Management Systems. This system includes full GED programs and behavioral health education platforms. Studies have shown that education is one of the main factors in recidivism rates and long term success post incarceration.  

Family Connection 

Family connection is known as one of the leading factors in re-entry success for an inmate. Connecting with family can also be challenging while incarcerated, especially during a pandemic. One of the ways VendEngine has been able to help connect inmates with families, despite COVID-19 restrictions and health safety concerns, has been through innovative Video technology. During the early days of the Pandemic, VendEngine donated over 1 million minutes to inmates and their families to be able connect via video visitation and messaging. We believe that connection with loved ones is a pivotal element to end recidivism before release. Family support is a key factor in re-entry success, especially in the first three years.  

Re-Entry Support and Resources 

One of the pivotal factors in increased recidivism rates is lack of support and resources upon release. Factors such as poverty, lack of housing, or lack of employment upon re-entry are a few of the many reasons individuals return to crime. VendEngine developed the Resource Project to counteract this growing issue in our country before the incarcerated individual is even released. The Resource Project connected a network of partners to be able to offer an incarcerated individual resources, employment support, and connections for basic needs before release.  

Recidivism is not solely a post-release issue, and solutions to end Recidivism begin long before release from incarceration. Find out more about the work VendEngine is doing to reduce recidivism before it begins.   

Read more about the Resource Project here, 

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