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Driving Innovation

VendEngine provides innovative fintech, accounting and communication cloud-based technology solutions designed specifically for a variety of government sectors. From point of sale commissary systems and inmate trust management; to warehouse management, financial management and communications platforms, VendEngine offers the most advanced technology platform in the industry.

Trying to make a deposit or contact an individual?

CorrectPay.com helps deposit money for individuals to use for commissary, phone time, scheduling a visit, or even sending an electronic message. Whatever the need, we make connecting them to friends and family as simple as possible.
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What makes us the industry leader?

Secure and Dependable

Our redundant backup systems mean you are NEVER without access to your latest data! All of our applications are SSL Certified, PCI compliant and have multiple layers of data encryption.

Comprehensive Suite

VendEngine offers a comprehensives suite of applications that plug into ANY Facility Management System including:

  • Commissary Management Systems
  • Electronic Messaging
  • Onsite and Offsite Video Visitation systems
  • Trust/Accounting Management
  • Medical Management
  • Suicide and PREA Alert Systems
  • Education/Learning Management Systems (including full GED, and behavioral health education platforms)
  • Grievance Management
  • Transcription and key-word alert Services


Our system is 100% cloud-based, meaning you can access your system from any device, anywhere.  There are NO servers on-site at your facility.

Emails and Text Messages

Inmates can receive and send emails and texts in the Digital MailRoom. All content is processed through our key word filter for review and approval once flagged.

Video Visitations

Visitations can be a lengthy process and become a security risk. We have revolutionized the way inmates communicate with families and friends.

Grievance Management

One of our most popular products, the Grievance Management System allows your inmates to file electronic grievances, enables your officers to respond.

Debit Card Release Program

As one of our most convenient features, the debit card release program allows inmates to walk out the door with their funds loaded on a MasterCard debit card.

24/7 Online Deposits

JailFunds.com helps deposit money for inmates to use for commissary, phone time, scheduling a visit, or sending an electronic message. 

Accounting and Auditing

We offer over 150 accounting and auditing reports, a commissary warehouse management system and a point of sale system. When synced with your JMS, this makes passing audits a breeze.

Electronic Health Records

Inmates may request medical attention directly to the healthcare team in your facility with no need to tie up staff time handling medical requests.

Commissary Ordering Platform

Our picture-based Point-of-Sale system integrates seamlessly with your commissary provider or your own in-house commissary. The funds stay within the jail trust accounting system.

Education and Law Libraries

Through our partnerships with third-party vendors we can deliver a FREE up to date legal law library to your inmates. This includes both federal and state laws.

Work Release Management

Our work release module allows facilities to manage the in’s and outs associated with dealing with work-release inmates, the income they receive, how to manage any fines and fees.

Premium Content

Our windows-based tablets feature the entire VendEngine suite of applications outlined in the brochure along with Games, Books, Movies and Streaming Radio.

PREA and Suicide Alerts

Instant alert system for inmate suicide or PREA situations goes straight to your phone or email.


How does our system integrate with facilities?


Providing service
for thousands

Our system is trusted throughout the United States and continues to grow across the western hemisphere.
Made in the USA

Need hardware?
We have you covered.

We design, build and manufacture our steel lobby and booking kiosk machines in the United States and offer lobby kiosks at no cost to your facility. We also offer inmate ordering and video visitation kiosks custom-designed for your facility.